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About Us


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson

Since the idea of making ArrowTex, Our focus was on evolving our competencies of innovation, Synergy and Agility as the hallmark of our organisation. As the world is changing with a rapid phase. The 4th industrial revolution has already started showing its marks. ArrowTex was created to respond the needs and requirements of 4th industrial revolution.

New things are coming and customer and suppliers demands are changing with every passing day. Thanks to Time tested professionals and Team work, We can offer our customers one window solution from product design till finished product, from vendor selection till drop shipping to consumers. We are a global team of industry experts who brings innovative products to life. We offer customized solutions to our customers as per their needs and requirements. We constantly experiment new ways of working to deliver value to our customers.

Normally, Customer starts from a specific service and usually ends up in trusting us as their complete supply chain partner. We continuously strive for further improvement in our systems based on customer’s feedback and ever changing market dynamics.

I am really indebted for the customer trust and efforts of my team to achieve new heights and growing ArrowTex with every passing day.

If you have not yet enjoyed the benefits of our services and products we hope that you will soon start a symbiotic business relationship with us.

Global Presence


Address: 5250 Old orchard Road, Suite 300 Skokie
Illinois, 60077, United States
Tel: +1(773)344-8226


Address: Unit 8, Supreme Business Park Calico House
Manchester, M193JP, United Kingdom
Tel: +44(7463)283427

Social & Environmental Obligations


We are very sensitive of the social and environmental obligations we have to our customers, our suppliers, our Human resources and our planet. We take these responsibilities extremely seriously and have implemented a program of ongoing assessment of working practices, adapting our operations to meet the following commitments.


    All manufacturing partners comply with local, social and ethical legislation and can arrange independent third party auditing to customers and end user standards.


    All offices are run and staffed by local nationals who are professionally qualified and experienced to assure that all products meet the required Acceptance Quality Level (AQL) standard.


    We can provide a structured service of scheduling and merchandising/stock control which can be integrated into provision of a full logistical service, culminating in the delivery of product to the doorstep of your choice, anywhere in the world.


    Our manufacturing partners also comply with all local environmental licencing and operational requirements and can facilitate external auditing when required.


    Our conduct has an impact on thousands of lives throughout global communities and that is why we factor fair dealing into everything we do. We’re committed to global fair trade.



Based on our Environmental Statement and, as holders of ISO 14001, we shall pursue our daily business interests under the following principles:

  • We will make efforts to recycle materials and conserve resources and energy at each stage of our products’ life cycles – from research, design, production and sales to services and disposal.
  • We will make every effort to minimize and find appropriate methods to dispose of waste and contaminants that are produced through the use of our products and in every stage of the life cycle of said products.
  • We focus on the importance of making efforts to preserve human health and the global environments and we will do our best to ensure that the company, as a whole, acts responsibly.
  • We will consider the influence that our corporate activities have on both the local environment and on society, and we endeavor to improve the social standing of the company.
  • We comply with all applicable environmental law and regulations in all of the jurisdictions in which we operate and we encourage suppliers within our supply chain to hold ISO 14001 accreditation, or as a minimum, to complete our supplier environmental questionnaire on an annual basis.

As a company, we understand the importance of recycling the packaging that is provided with any product you purchase from us. As such, we endeavor to provide information and advice relating to disposing of packaging in an environmentally responsible way.


Beyond job creation, we recognize the responsibility and constructively as a member of the communities in which we conduct business.

Through a broad range of community initiatives, charitable giving, foundation grants, and volunteerism, we endeavor to do our utmost to give back to society.


We seek to communicate commitment to customers, suppliers and business partners and to the communities in which we live and work. Further, we expect that any party conducting business with us will, too, embrace these principles.

Our QSM (Quality System Management) Policy accredited to ISO 9001 binds these principles together.


Trust is a critical foundation of a successful and sustainable business. We have worked diligently to foster trusting relationships among our customers, suppliers and business partners.

We conduct business in an open, honest and ethical manner and follow the company’s code of ethics in all business practices. This includes upholding all laws in places where we do business.

Our Anti-Bribery Policy  illustrates our commitment to these principles.


The relations we have with our employees, customers and business partners are guided by ‘Respect for the Individual’. This means that we value and respect the unique contributions of each and every person. Have fun with mobile casino 50 free spins

We are committed to ensuring that each person involved in the development, production, distribution, sale and/or service of our products is treated with dignity and respect and has the opportunity to provide a meaningful contribution to the company’s success.


The respect for human rights is an extension of our philosophy within ‘Respect for the Individual’. As part of our effort to conduct business in an ethical manner, we will not engage in business practices or activities that compromise fundamental human rights.


Through our management systems and our Labour Standards Assurance Scheme (designed around the ETI base code, an internationally recognized code of labour practice), we ensure that the following principles are upheld:

  • Child Labour
    We shall ensure that children, who do not reach the legal age for work in each respective country, are not hired.
  • Forced Labour
    No form of human trafficking, forced, bonded or compulsory labour shall be used. Our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement outlines our actions as a business to ensure this does not and will never take place within our supply chain.
  • Compensation and Working Hours
    Wages, including overtime and benefits, shall comply with local law, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits. Working hours shall comply with applicable local laws.
  • Harassment and Discrimination
    Harassment and/or discrimination, in any form, is not acceptable.
  • Freedom of Association
    We encourage open communication with management regarding working conditions without fear of reprisal, intimidation or harassment. We believe that maintaining an environment for dialogue, with open-minded and two-way communication, makes it possible to build to build a stronger relationship of mutual trust.
    In accordance with local laws, we respect the right to associate freely, and join (or choose not to join) labour unions or workers’ councils.
  • Health & Safety
    We will promote a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds applicable standards for occupational safety and health.


We recognize that diversity and inclusion are critical to our business operations. Diversity in our workforce and supply base helps foster the kind of innovation, sensitivity and vitality that enables us to create products and technologies that make people’s lives better.

We embrace diversity across all levels of our business. Our Equal Opportunities Policy demonstrates our commitments to these principles.