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We have our warehouses in Germany and UK which can offer on customer requirement. We also offer FBA Solution to our customers in Europe, Thanks to reliable partners in UK, Germany and Slovakia.


Fulfillment process includes the following operations:
  1. Storage of your goods in our warehouses – your goods go directly to our warehouse (either directly from your supplier or from you), and after that we check and register it and store. You get an order from your customer and make an invoice (documents). After that you resend order information and documents (invoice, bill of delivery, etc.) to our system  via email.
  2. Picking – we start processing an order by finding the ordered product in warehouse
  3. Packing – we pack the product and prepare it for shipping. Cross-docking is also possible (distribution based on instant transfer without storage of goods). We select the most advantageous type of transport and the goods transform into a parcel. Then we inform the buyer via sms message/e-mail.
  4. We Deliver the goods (by courier, postal service or personal pick up) to a buyer.
  • We solve returns of goods (also in other countries).
  • If there is a COD payment for the goods, it will be directed to your account and you will be given all the documents.
  • Thanks to information system – API connection and web application you are fully informed for the whole time.
  • Payment for our services is done once a month based on the end-of-the-month report with invoice.


We store the customer’s goods in warehouses in UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.
For the storage you pay only for amount of goods that is realized in a given month.
We provide adequate warehousing spaces for ongoing storage of goods that is supposed to be shipped and space for purpose of packing and preparing for shipping.

The goods can be stored in all kinds of forms – pieces, boxes, pallets, containers.

Within these services we provide these operations:

  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Storage
  • Labelling the goods
  • Goods registry
  • Controls on inputs, visual controls
  • Documents (bills of delivery)
  • Inventories

Insurance of goods is guaranteed.


By Pick & Pack services we mean picking, assembling, packing and dispatch of goods and appropriate documents (invoices, bills of delivery, etc.) in boxes, envelopes, pallets or in any other form for a secure transport, and processing of information and documents that are needed for Pick & Pack.
The goods are dispatched in a same day without your worries about packages and without need to wait for a parcel service or having to go to post office.
Within the service itself we are providing these operations:
  • Receiving and processing client’s orders information
  • Documents processing (invoices, bills of delivery, etc.)
  • Pick & Pack of Order
  • Procurement of Goods for Sale – Packing into Packages, Etiquette, Inserting Manuals, etc.
  • Making of Output Documents and Shipping Labels
  • Optimisation of Shipping
  • Returns and Claims Management

All operations mentioned above are being done thanks to information system that secures minimal occurrence of errors during the process.


Delivery of goods can be done anywhere in Central Europe, all over Europe and the whole world.
We are capable to deliver parcel the next working day in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, tha Baltic States and Other Countries.
We provide shipping of goods (parcels) by our own fleet of vehicles or by other parcel service company. We also provide the settlement of cash on delivery payments in European Countries

Thanks to our big volumes of parcels we have great prices at all global delivery companies. Take an advantage of our cheap shipping to the whole world.

We will deliver your goods to your costumers – both individuals and also companies (regular supplying).

Within Bratislava and other capitals also same day delivery is possible. In 24, 48 hours we can express deliver the goods even to New Zealand (e.g. spare parts). There are no problems with time important parcels.

Transport is realized also by a postal service. We secure guaranteed deliveries and CODs for your customers.


We are dealing with road (pallets, LTL, FTL, trucks), maritime and air cargo within either Slovakia, Europe or world.

Transport of big volumes is easy for us. Within whole Europe we can deliver pallets, LTL (less than truckload), FTL (full truckload) without your worries about searching for delivery companies.

We will provide for you transport of containers, pallets from the producer located anywhere abroad directly to Slovakia and vice versa.


We offer to our clients a lot of additional services mostly concerning work with goods. In most cases the clients are not in physical touch with physical pieces of products, which they sell. That is why we practically provide all these activities:

  • Labeling of goods with etiquettes, printing and inserting
  • Co-packing, co-manufacturing, assembling of sales packages, multi-packs, inserting manuals and prospects
  • Shrink wrap, making gift packages
  • Customer support
  • Integration of information systems between provider and client
  • Programming
  • Procurement of translations and localisation of products for surrounding markets
  • Returns and Claim Management
  • Other services as required by client


With hubs around Central and Eastern Europe we’re providing local address points for customer returns

Today’s return options are as important to e-shoppers as delivery options. If a local return policy is not available, the customer is unlikely to make an order. This applies to apparel mostly, but other e-Commerce segments are getting affected as well (e.g. cosmetics, household accessories, electronics, etc.).

Our Returns management provides a solution for several EU countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy etc.) at the same time, so you can focus on boosting your sales.

To send unwanted or damaged goods your customers will use any domestic postal provider, marking the store where it belongs. Our staff will receive the parcels, process them depending on your requirements and after a specific period (or on request) send back to the e-shop where it was purchased.

We offer two kinds of procedures how we approach returned parcels.

Basic returns processing includes:
– Receipt of goods on the warehouse address – parcel assessment
– Scanning of 2 bar-codes into our software
– Entering customer data and order numbers into our software (if readable)
– Storing until dispatch

Advanced returns processing includes:
– Receipt of goods on the warehouse address – parcel assessment
– Scanning of 2 bar-codes into our software
– Entering customer data and order numbers into our software (if readable)
– Unpacking and damage assessment
– Items description in ENG, including 1-3x accompanying photos
– Scanning of attached documentation
– Storing until dispatch

During the pick-up and dispatch, items are re-packed into a larger box (or packing material) and sent to the destination address provided by the e-shop.

Parcel data are available via our web browser app or via API uploaded to your e-Commerce software. This will enable you to refund customers even before the items arrive at the final destination point. Thus your satisfaction rate and customer loyalty will get affected immediately.

Customization of this steps is also possible for larger volumes. For reverse logistics post processing a filter process can be also implemented, e.g. resale, repair or unusable.

Information system

A key role in logistics today plays the information system. Software that controls pick & pack, shipping, reporting, billing, etc. is something that saves our clients thousands of euros every year.

For fulfilment we have developed two our own systems – WMS (Warehouse management system) called Kika and web-based client app Zoe. Thanks to Zoe and full integration with our API and your system – eshop, ERP, accounting, CRM… you have perfect control over your orders, parcels and inventory. In real time or in xml/excel outputs you can see the status of your stored goods, progress in packing, parcel delivery status, movements of every item, imported customers´ orders and related documents (invoices, bills of delivery, etc.).

After in-house processing the goods change into parcels – with the proof of shipping, delivery company´s tracking number, price for the service and transport. If the product is returned by customer, you can see all documents and photographs in system again. Data between us, you and your customers can be transferred in different ways. We inform customers through sms messages or emails before delivery.

In matter of deeper integration we can provide you invoicing module (also for international sales), payment processing, managing of cash on delivery, online calculator for shipping worldwide, returns management and complete inventory management – with expiration dates, supply analysis, etc.