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Supply Management

We consider your company and your suppliers as partners looking for growth and improvements. We don’t just provide pass/fail results. We provide professional recommendations and facilitate performance management initiatives to achieve the desired results

Supplier Management

A small error or deficiency in your supply chain can be unforgiving in today’s market. Suppliers appear qualified at first but then fail to deliver and, more importantly, fail to sustain the needed quality over time. On the other hand, some suppliers may have the desired capabilities for your projects but are inconsistent in their performance related to quality, delivery time and cost. In both cases, switching suppliers can be very costly, especially when money and resources have been invested in the project. What other option do you have when compromised quality and delivery time are not acceptable? Our Supplier Management Solutions help you gain competitiveness by accessing and measuring your risks, finding solutions to reduce risk, facilitating the implementation, improving and controlling the performance of your suppliers, and ultimately adding value to your organisation. Enjoy mobile casino free spins Supplier Management Solutions (SMS) helps to investigate and resolve these problems in a timely and cost-effective manner using the below approach: Our SMS team engages in the following 5-step transformation: Understand your challenges or supplier requirements in detail Assess the situation by auditing your manufacturer’s facility, process and operation Create a corrective action plan and solution together with the supplier Guide the supplier through successful implementation Control performance and facilitate continuous improvement When is a Supplier Management Service Recommended? Even though Supplier Management covers a broad ranges of improvement initiatives, it is especially necessary when: Your manufacturer is required to comply to a specific quality system, social compliance standard, supply-chain security or specific retail requirements You or your supplier requires professional help in facilitating or monitoring the required corrective actions or implementation You wish to manage and assess the performance of your under-performing suppliers The quality of your product does not meet requirements over an extended period of time A customized solution   There is no “one size fits all” solution. Therefore, we study your problem and tailor our Supplier Management Solutions to your challenges, requirements, timeline and budget.   Audits and assessments are common first steps but that is only the beginning! The real work begins after the audit when we partner with you and your supplier to facilitate the implementation, ensuring a transformation of supplier performance that is sustainable. Based on the relevant category (see chart below) of your challenges, we will help you carry out suitable development initiatives to improve factory performance.
Solution Category Our Service Offerings
New Product Development
  • Performance testing
  • Life cycle testing
  • FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis)
  • First Article Inspection
  • APQP (Advance Product Quality Planning)
  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)
  • Facilitate product certification
Production Planning
  • Setting up Quality assurance system
  • Manufacturing Process Audit & Validation
  • PFMEA (Process Failure Mode & Effect Analysis)
  • Production Capacity
  • Control Plan & SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • MSA (Measurement System Analysis)
Supply Chain
  • Supplier Verification
  • Relationship management
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Performance improvement
  • Supplier Training & E-learning